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  Call Us! (561) 644-8315
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LBC Workshop with Laura Robbat and Jennifer Hoskins-Tomko on Friday, December 7th

Date: 1544169600  to  1544180400

The Art of Conversation

When we look out into our world, our organizations, and our lives we may see communication as an event or a series of events. We may hear an executive delivering a keynote address, or a sales manager doing a meeting and these may come and go. We also feel communication. The delivery of the message, the tone, and the body language is something we don’t forget. The energy of the message matters. We’ll take an in-depth look at a real-time conversation and the way the message is received. We’ll explore communication and the art of conversation through the lens of social media, different levels of listening, and the psychology behind the message. Participants will walk away with tips to try out on their day to day challenges.

What’s in it for you?

  • Less conflict
  • Get more done in less time
  • Get loyalty and motivation from your employees
  • Have ideal conversations with your clients, friends, and loved ones
  • Have stronger relationships
  • Get buy-in
  • Make more money
  • Speak clearly and be heard
  • Have more confidence

Laura Robbat is a Certified Professional Coach with The Human Capital Group who works with Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Sales professionals to excel through best leadership practices. Her workshops, classroom training, and one-on-one coaching engagements educate and motivate people to maximize their team and their results. Having been in corporate America for 15 years prior, she’s been on the buying and selling side of the business as well as in management roles. She specializes in taking clients from good to great by offering simple, user-friendly skill sets around communication. She lives on Singer Island with her husband Russell and loves to cook, and play tennis and golf.

Jennifer Hoskins-Tomko is a Psychotherapist with a specialization in trauma, anxiety, mood regulation and communication, but she has many more strengths.  She is the proud owner of the concierge private practice, Clarity Health Solutions in Jupiter.  She works with individuals, groups and couples.  She also enjoys speaking engagements, news interviews and blogging.  She does Substance Abuse assessments for the Department of Transportation and Trauma work for the First Responders of 9/11. Her heart is in everything she does.

Jenn believes that therapy is an opportunity to grow. She utilizes a myriad of ideologies and tailors them to her clients.  She sees the best in her clients and then shows these traits to them, to help them recognize their assets.


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Event Details:

8:00 AM: Breakfast
8:30 AM - 11:00 AM: Workshop By Laura Robbat and Jennifer Hoskins-Tomko


Members: $20

Non Members: $75

Prepaid Members: $0

Corporate Table - 8 Guests: $

Event Sponsor: $